Operating System/Server Consultancy

By now many small companies are hearing about the benefits offered by Linux and other open source products. Whether your fed up with paying increasingly more expensive licensing fees, tired of getting hit by the latest viruses, or just evaluating something new, SEC Consulting can offer you the help and advice you need.

Don’t be fooled by the hype, moving from one system to another is not a decision to be taken likely.

SEC Consulting have gained experience from moving and switching between platforms and can offer your business the help and advice it needs to arrive at the decision that suits your needs best.

SEC Consulting has experience in Linux, all major forms of Unix, Windows and Mac OS X as well as a detailed knowledge of the hardware platforms themselves.


SEC Consulting have experience in managing and executing minor and major migrations to a Linux based server .

Linux provides an excellent platform for all forms of business server with the added advantages of excellent reliability, stability, flexibility and a price that few others can match.