IT Consultancy & Services

At SEC Consulting we provide simple, effective IT solutions for companies primarily within Hampshire and the surrounding areas. We keep our clients ahead of the competition by ensuring they have the right IT resources in place to aid the growth and success of their business whilst avoiding many of the costly pitfalls. Specialising in Linux and Open Source Software (OSS) solutions our core IT business is the design, implementation and support of a wide range of IT systems with a strong emphasis on turn key fully managed solutions.

Client requirements range from the need for additional software or support to their own IT team, to providing a complete outsourcing solution and SEC Consulting becoming their IT team looking after their systems and giving them a consistent, reliable IT system with a cost effective and consistent pricing schedule.

Our managed IT systems are integrated into our 24/7 monitoring system which proactively checks critical areas of the system from disk, CPU and memory of individual servers to network connectivity and latency across the network and if something is picked up it raises an alert and is investigated automatically sometimes without our clients even being aware a problem was developing.

Our proactive maintenance schedule covers all IT patching of security and bug fixes, failure of components and even future software and operating system upgrades and data migration all for a fixed monthly fee (T&Cs apply) – this should not be confused with other vendors who either charge per callout/incident, set the systems up to auto apply patches and only get involved if there is an issue or give a fixed monthly cost for “run of the mill” IT services then charge large fees for a new system or operating system upgrade.