Vehicle tracking and logger

Developed as a prototype module for our SBM product, SEC Consulting have produced several trial vehicle tracking units that can be deployed.

These units can be used in both active and passive tracking modes. A passive tracking system will record the drivers route times, location points at regular intervals and total mileage of every journey.

A key benefit of a passive fleet tracking system is that the information you extract from each of your vehicles will give you a good understanding of how each of your vehicles are being used. These systems can also be configured to use your company WiFi meaning there are no additional 3G data access charges, when the vehicle returns to your site it autonomously connects to your network and uploads the data to a given location.

An active tracking system also has integral 3G data access component to provide you with real time information regarding where each of your vehicles are at any point in time.

Both systems can be adapted to either produce friendly spreadsheets or upload to a database for storage and analysis.