SEC Business Manager

Software packages for small businesses typically solve limited issues and can leave you with multiple islands of data and expensive integration projects that never work or information that has to be manually re-entered or batched into other applications or systems. This wastes time and money.

The SEC Business Manager (SBM) is our flagship business management suite and takes the burden off the small business by providing a comprehensive solution that allows you to focus on running your business.

The SBM is both a job/business management and invoicing application and business accounting application together in one package – this is what we believe sets it apart from the competition. Essentially it allows each user/worker to use the system within their own area and use that information to provide “the big picture” to accounting, administration and managerial staff.

SEC Business Manager gives you a complete view of your company. All data is updated in real-time enabling a complete snapshot across all areas of your company from accounting and sales, to fulfilment and support.

Raise an estimate, follow that estimate through status changes to a scheduled job, as the job is completed an invoice is raised, printed for dispatch or emailed? the choice is yours. Track stock and consumables, add them to invoices with correct mark up, assign different customers different discounts – it’s all there, and if it’s not there, it’s extendible.

The SBM has been developed in close partnership with several companies in the Hampshire area, this is what they have  to say:

“We saw the an early prototype of the SBM and instantly saw the potential. Being an early adopter we were able to shape and mould the SBM development to best fit our business which has really paid dividends to our productivity. Additionally, the recently added cost controls have really helped us get on top of our job costing and profitability, especially during the current downturn.”

– John Puncher MD JP Electrical Services Ltd

To date the SBM has the following features (and more besides):

  • Fully real-time environment with jobs, invoicing, debtor and creditor details updated in realtime in a fully multi-user environment.
  • Workflow allows job processing to be processed by separate individuals (purchase ledger, job entry, invoicing etc.).
  • Effectively manage suppliers and customers and instantly asses liability and monies owed.
    Comprehensive document and attachment management system allowing and attachments to be attached to jobs, customers, supplier and employees and be instantly searchable and retrievable.
  • Comprehensive array of management reports allowing you to instantly see the status across various areas of the business.
  • Instantly review and distribute invoices ready for printing or emailed direct to customer accounts Job sheet production system.
  • Instant VAT calculations at any time.

Future roadmap features include:

  • Web based architecture allowing a true access anywhere, from any device model and offered in a shrink wrapped, fully managed solution.
  • ‘In the field’ employee location tracking and job assignment.
  • Vehicle tracking and location (using Google maps) with the ability to locate the nearest operative to an emergency callout.
  • Urgent job alerting system.

That’s what the software does. Here’s what it does for your company.

  • Gives you total control on job costing and profitability.
  • Allows instant visibility of monies owed and amounts owing – and when.
  • Allows instant traceability from, who worked on what job, to where particular materials where used.
  • Send invoices, job completion notices, job costing sheets, remittances and customer statements with a click of a button.
  • Set up alerts for job cost overrun, low profit warnings and job due/overdue.

We will shortly be looking looking for a further 4 development partners to help us continue and grow the product and develop a web based hosted and managed version (SBM 2.x), if you are interested to hear further how the SBM can streamline the running of your business or see a working demonstration of the current release then please drop us an email today.