Temperature Sensing and Data Logger

SEC Consulting have prototyped several small and adaptable temperature monitoring solutions. These units use software developed in house and can therefore be adapted to suit a range of use cases and scenarios and are perfect for real-time monitoring and alarm applications.

The devices can be configured to output to a spreadsheet/CSV file (of your own format) to easily integrate with company reports for graphing in OpenOffice/LibreOffice or Excel or can be automatically uploaded to a cloud or company server where it can be monitored in real-time, perhaps even triggering alarms and email/SMS notifications.

Presently the SEC data logger is powered via mains adapter (it actually uses a mini USB connection so could also be powered by a USB power pack – presently we estimate 2 days usage) however we are currently investigating lower power solutions that would give a far longer life from a battery source as well as integration of an LCD display to give immediate visual feedback of status.

  • Measurement range: -55~+125°C / -67~+257°F
  • Built in temperature data logger with output to USB dongle, SD card, 3G or WiFi capability
  • Data can be viewed be easily exported to a database or file for analysis/graphing in OpenOffice/LibreOffice or Excel
  • Can be adapted to trigger high and low alarms with email, SMS or an external indicator
  • Wireless connectivity to 3G or via WiFi
  • Probe has a protection rating IP55
  • Capable of logging greater than 1 million data entries
  • On board persistent storage stores all data even if 3G/WiFi is temporarily disconnected