VoIP (Voice Over IP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – also known as an internet phone or a broadband phone is a technical term for what is actually a straightforward concept of making calls over the internet. VoIP has expanded in popularity in recent years and is now seen as a genuine and money-saving alternative to making phone calls on a traditional landline.

So here’s the basic idea: You are a small business, you have a broadband connection – VoIP allows you to run your phone systems over your broadband connection. In other words, you are running your Voice system over your Internet Protocol connection, hence Voice over IP.

But I want to keep my telephone number

OK, this sounds good so far but you but you are running a business and the big question is – can you keep your current telephone number? Again, the answers is: Yes.

SEC Consulting offer a range of packages to suit the one man band operation upto the large multi-site environments and all those in between.

What is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP is a flexible & feature rich phone system ideal for business of all sizes, it is the modern replacement to onsite analogue switchboards.

Our system is cloud based so you only need minimal hardware, keeping start-up costs low, giving your business potential cost savings and efficiency gains as well as offering location independent access – business calls can be distributed across office locations, or a home office or to a smart phone, or all of them!

Phone handsets connect to our switch via broadband so we can often reduce your line rental costs, as well as your phone bill!