Managed Support Contracts

Traditionally, maintenance and support contracts have been reactive. A third party support organisation would wait for their customer to log a call before taking action. This then set in motion the process of organising a suitable spare and an engineer to attend site to replace.

Networks and IT systems are business critical so need to be always available, as new applications and technologies are introduced they are becoming more complex to manage and support. SEC Consulting have reacted to this and now supply a fully managed IT support contract tailored for your business.

These complex and critical IT systems perform better when regularly maintained and serviced. We provide a comprehensive package that ensures continued uptime in modern, mixed technology environments. Server backups are managed and monitored, disks are monitored for fragmentation, performance and space usage, servers and workstations from all major OS vendors are patched and security audited on a regular basis.

Our managed systems are fully integrated into our 24/7 monitoring system that does a range of checks across the infrastructure and continually compares the results against et thresh holds and raises warnings as and when needed.

Typical preventative maintenance activities include, but not limited too:

  • All operating system security and update packages are applied, including Linux security and application updates from servers to routers, switches, firewalls and VPNs.
  • All data can be¬†regularly replicated offsite (for additional¬†peace of mind) and monitored, if a problem is detected it is immediately investigated and corrected before instigating another replication.
  • Storage drives are monitored for space, usage and regularly de-fragmented ensuring optimum performance
  • Unlimited IT support by remote access, telephone and email and swift resolution to any issues reported.
  • Preferential rates on special projects such as office relocations or installing new equipment.

We provide a flexible and responsive maintenance service with excellent response times and include monitoring all equipment under maintenance.

We can remotely and securely connect into the network, diagnose the fault, resolve it or arrange for site visit as well as investigate any possible “work arounds” that allows your business to function as normal, for disaster recovery and where possible, we also can supply loan units thus allowing the business to carry on regardless and this significantly reduces the downtime experienced by users.

The Managed IT Service was designed to save you time and money and give you confidence in your systems. It ensures that you have a robust and reliable IT infrastructure with skilled engineers at hand, when and where you need them.

Outsourcing your IT support requirements allows for greater flexibility; we can increase the level of support required as you grow. Around 90% of IT support issues are resolved remotely either by telephone or using remote access, this enables quick resolution of day-to-day problems without the need to visit your office.

It’s everything you need for total peace of mind!